• The Chamber was born in 1917, in the midst of World War I, at a time when Spanish-American trade relations were on the rise. In the years leading up to the conflict, between 1900 and 1914, already 12.1% of Spanish imports were coming from the United States, with 4.2% of Spanish exports heading toward the US.
  • These figures were to increase over the course of the war, and situated the United States as Spain’s third-largest market of destination, and as the country’s main supplier, far ahead of France and the United Kingdom.
  • After the Great War, trade between the two countries subsided. During this period, the hard work and dedication of AmChamSpain were crucial in strengthening the trade relations between Spain and the United States. The Chamber expanded its information and advising services with the aim of increasing the number of transactions, and ensuring that both parties were satisfied with the outcome.
  • American manufactured goods began to enter Spain, such as tools, typewriters, phonographs and gramophones, agricultural machinery, locomotives, and motor vehicles and accessories. Spain also expanded its exports, especially in terms of foodstuffs and raw materials.